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Technology User Group


​​Technology User Group
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The Technology User Group is an informal discussion group that meets to explore new technologies and services that assist people who are blind or print-disabled or older applications that have new functions that assist in the nonvisual arena. People of all technological skill levels are welcome. Meetings are held virtually via teleconference. 

Meeting ID: 656 203 7293​

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Meeting ID: 656 203 7293​#
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For more information or to join a discussion, please contact: ​

Jerry Price, 

(410) 230-2446 


Upcoming Events​​

February 10: Smart AI apps that can assist you now

March 9: Libby eBooks and Kindle Unlimited​

April 13: The Image Center

May 11: Brave and DuckDuckGo for iOS and PC

June 8: Accessible Ocean

July 13: iOS Games

August 10: TV Apps & Streaming

September 14: BISM

October 5: iOS 18

November 2: AT Gifts for the Holidays

December 14: Top Apps & Websites for 2024